Quality of lifes suggestions

Well, let’s start with the positive, Lost ark is a good game but full of little flaws which in the end accumulate so much that many players give up on it. I will not make a list of defects but I will put ideas of ways to correct them.

1- The gear upgrade progression in the game is overtly frustrating, you can farm your resources however you want but in the end it’s all down to luck and not talents. I have two possible correction ideas.

The first: Make the upgrade system an automatic success. For Tier 1 you just need the crystals and that’s it, no other stones just the crystals and in Tier 2 you need the crystals and some stones only not a lot but still a little and of course Tier 3 the classics crystals but also all the models of stones which are in demand a good quantity increasing according to the levels. (This applies to the other two Tiers but much less but allowing players to understand how it works.)

Ex: Tier 1 from lvl 1 to 5 it costs 100 crystals, from 6 to 10,150 and from 11 to 15,200
Tier 2 from lvl 1 to 5 it costs 1000 crystals and 1 stone, from 6 to 10 1500 and 2 stones and from 11 to 15 2000 and 3 stones.
Tier 3 (first limit) from lvl 1 to 5 it costs 10000 crystals and 1 stone of the three kinds, from 6 to 10 15000 and 2 stones of the three kinds and 11 to 15 20000 and 3 stones of the three kinds.

And the rest I leave to your imagination.

For my first solution, it’s true that it destroys your original method, but it finally allows players to try the toughest challenges. For the recovery of the improvement stones, doing the chaos dungeons and the guardian raids allows them to recover in good quantity and by chance, they can recover the passes from the cube or the hall which gives them even more resources.

Because in the end it doesn’t matter what farm we did and how much resources we have, nothing is guaranteed and that is extremely frustrating.

The second: If you still want to keep the percentage chance of success, there is a second method. I know that after ten failures in a row (approximately?) we have an automatic success. So to help a little, you can double the chance of success with each success.

Ex: 6% chance becomes after a failure 12% and after a second 24% Etc…

Well I don’t know the percentage of success of the highest improvements so keeping the success after 10 failures will probably be a good thing.

Well those are but two ideas I had and who knows you might take the first one for the start and the second one for high tier gear.

2- One of the big problems to recover equipment (and gold) is to do the abyssal dungeons, the abyssal raids and the legion raids. With the bot problem that you have and that since the beginning a lot of people (myself included) are afraid to do a dungeon and run into a bot.

So one of my ideas is quite simple, why not be able to do the challenges mentioned above solo. Of course in a suitable difficulty with rewards (gold?) suitable for soloing. This will 1 allow the player to go there without worrying about others (If in solo I die it’s 99% my fault then less frustrating) and 2 reduce people’s stress and frustration (And the problem of bots will be much less efficient since they cannot be helped by other players)

Small precision the rewards of equipment will remain the same but the gold will be reduced

Ex: A raid rewards (currently) 1000 gold with four players. So in solo I thought it would give 500 gold but that in multi 2000 (500 per player and I know that raids and dungeons have up to 8 players but let’s not exaggerate all the same)

This idea will help more routine players who will feel less pressure to force themselves to do things they don’t want to. But I also know that adapting the mechanics for one person would be complex for some bosses or even dungeons, but it would be a good way to progress and bring players back.

(For those reading this, put a like so teams can see my suggestion if you’re interested. And of course I have many other ideas but I’ll stop there for now.)

Thank you for this feedback @Yggdrasil000 I will pass this on to the team!

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