Quality upgrade clarification is a mess IG

AGS/SG should put more effort in explaining how it excatly works with quality increase. From the description following is 100% assumed by a player who has no prior knowledge from other regions:

  • 2x gates with upgrading quality → First for Success or fail → Second for quality roll

Reality is:

  • there are no gates.

The quality increase on gear from 60->61 ist the exact same chance as upgrading from 1->61.
To make it more clear to under stand imagine following situation:

  • Target is 90 Quality
  • starting with 0 Quality would imply roughly around 0,7% chance
  • starting with 60 quality has also 0,7% chance because → starting with 60 quality AND failing means you rolled a “new” quality below your current quality and therefore you can keep your 60 quality.

→ This literally means that everytime you tab on “Quality upgrade” the games just starts with as if your gear has 0 quality and if you roll below your current → FAIL

This might hard for some to understand but I hope that I described it well enough.


The image implies you get a quality upgrade at RANDOM when upgrade is SUCCESSFUL .
The ingame description IS A STRAIGHT A LIE and NEEDS to be corrected as soon as possible.

FEEDBACK: Show it how it is visually. After tabbing “Quality Upgrade” → show your current gear with quality and addtionally the quality you rolled. And edit the description part shown in the image accordingly!!!

@Roxx please take care of this!


I guess AGS cannot translate Korean that well. I think they just suck at communication all in all.

everybody knows how it works, and if you don’t then no big deal

Success is defined by if you get an upgrade… so the description sounds right to me?

Mechanism here is that there are probabilities for each quality being rolled, and with every click you roll the dice from 0~100 if rolled quality is higher than ur current one, upgrade success.

Which means exactly the same chance to roll qual 100 when upgrading from 0, 89, and crafting new one

I don’t see a problem just saying n% chance success rate instead of ur suggestion of showing “you rolled x qual, so it will remain same since it is lower than ur current one” which just adds more meaningless text

Also this won’t change anything about one’s decision to upgrade or not since the % is same and the word “upgrade” already kinda implies ur quality will improve on success

By your logic there should be detailed log on every single RNG aspect in the game which is pointless.

for example, gear honing, failed since you rolled x and success is y, for every single drop popup of every possible combo of drop table and what you rolled.

At the end of the day when it comes to RNG hit is a hit and miss is a miss no need to show complete log of why it resulted in hit/miss