QUALITY UPGRADE is the most P2W in this game not skins or anything

As the headline states QUALITY UPGRADE is a terrible predative system in its current form.
As most people still arent 1445 this problem isnt seen as much but it will become more visible the more people reach this ilvl.

IT IS IMPORTANT to fix it before it becomes too big of a problem!!!

The lootbox system for legendary skins isnt bad in any way as the 4% more stats on the base stats isnt even more than 1% dmg increase at most.
BUT QUALITY UPGRADE has a range betweeen 15 to 30% difference.


How does Quality upgrade work?

For Weapon the important piece u need 3 chaos stones which cost each 1000 GOLD at the vendor and then u need 800 GOLD for the upgrade chance NO PITY W.E!!!

Then what are the upgrade chances you might ask

so at 50 Quality u already have a 12% chance to get anything higher paying 4k GOLD each try can imagine no pity so the sky is the limit

and the chance of getting anything above 50 Quality isnt looking very likely as well with this low percentage.

So as a non whale spending 100k GOLD to get a decent 80 Quality weapon means u get 23% DMG increase

While a whale that can spend as much gold as he wants gets 100 Quality which is 8% more dmg already than someone that spend 100k GOLD.

Now imagine your a free to play that regularly plays but doesnt have 100k GOLD lying around then 50 Quality is already lucky which means YOU ARE 15% DMG behind the whales no pity uncatchable only winning the RNG lottery.

THIS SYSTEM NEEDS to change but how?

The simplest change that can be fixed within minutes is to change the currency from GOLD to SILVER. As most players have a lot of SIlver from just playing the game LOPANG alts doesnt take more than 3 minute to finish.
THiS would still ensure it is a GOLD sink as the Gold transfer to SIlver is already implemented into the game.

Other SUGGESTION are appreciated as well comment down below.

@Roxx please take this to the team as it is only going to get worse with ancient gear

disclaimer : any grammatical error i can edit if found


The stones could be bought for 500 gold and you have no use for them after getting your relic set. Silver isn’t a good replacement either because you would wouldn’t have enough silver to hone.

you can buy 10 every week for 7k gold which means 3 tries at a cost of ~10k gold which isnt anything at these low percentages.

Just accept that there are whale features and stuff that’s not designed for f2p players to take full advantage of

RMT does not make any MMO p2w its illegal and should be punished. Also change to silver is bad idea, gold cost will reduce inflation so it should stay. Quality upgrade is something what should last for months not be done in first weeks.



I have found it funny people complaining about the lootboxes and not noticing this yet lol this is a whale system normal players aim for 80 quality for their main piece for dps weapon for support chest and green the rest is fine also should be noted that this is a long term power progression system as quality will always carry over to new gear going forward.

Sounds like somebody rolled a 3% quality relic :rofl:

My weapon is 95%. Get to rolling, F2P mokokos.


Ya i 3 tapped my weapon to 99 quality. Ez

You realize that quality is something you keep for a LONG time. It’s something you upgrade over time. A long time. Just use the free mats the game gives you and buy a few stones a week/do field bosses…and you’re big chillin.

It’s not predatory, it’s there to be a gold sink. If you don’t like it, then don’t upgrade the quality on your gear.

Rolling a 3% quality is actually good, because you have a high chance to get a better quality. I’d be pissed if I rolled 50 on the first roll, cause the chances of upgrading are low as shit. Ngl.

thats exactly why its predatory you have to spend gold it doesnt matter how much u spend cause its all about rng. while in KR its understandable to have such a huge gold sink its not understandable in OUR version as you just dont get this much gold while trying to continue to progress.

if you think its long term then i guarentee you its wrong, as with ancient gear thats coming with brelshraza its gone again . now what? just be happy that you lucky> or that we all should just RMT to be able to afford a good quality?

Yday I rolled 11 quality weapon.

15k gold later…49 quality. I’m done with that shit. 12% chance to upgrade and even if you roll an upgrade it’s gonna be like 49->55 in 95% of the rolls.

I’m fine with a big gold sink for quality upgrade, but with no pity system of any kind it’s just a fuck you mechanic that can cost you a million gold and you still aren’t guaranteed to get even 80 quality.

My helm is at 59 quality and has 6% chance to upgrade.

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Idk, the rng seems fake in NA. So many relic weapons at 90 to 100 quality here

Brelshaza is 6 months away…you have more than enough time to upgrade the quality of your gear OVER TIME, until then.

You don’t have to RMT shit, just set aside a few rolls a week. It’s more than doable especially f2p.

Everyone trying to rush to 90-100 quality in the first few weeks…and let me tell you…nobody tries to do that unless you have a copious amount of money.

Just be content with 40s and 50s fora while…it won’t make a difference anyway. Work on other things like tripods, gems, engravings, etc etc in the meantime.

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Brelshaza is 6 months

I’d say September or October, but I agree with the rest.

Still, people are gonna be elitist about it, same as with everything else and not accept people with average quality.

why would you be pissed? a higher roll is a higher roll.

how the quality upgrade works, is that whenver you pay for an upgrade, the game rerolls your quality at the exact same rates and probability distribution as if you’re crafting the gear for the first time. if the result is higher, keep it. if it is lower, then you get to keep your original quality. therefore rolling a 3% on the initial craft, then upgrading to 50% has the same chance to happen as rolling a 50% on the initial craft (these events are independent). you still wasted gold if you craft 3% and then upgrade to 50%, compared to straight up crafting 50%

Meanwhile I spent 50k for 3 pieces at 50 quality but these idiots are walking around with 90 quality??

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brelshaza is the unique legion raid that needs a 5x3 configuration and there’s enough time for absolutely EVERYONE to get it, since it probably only comes in November end or DECEMBER early, because krakul saydon doesn’t come in less than 2 months after July. And consequently brelshaza n comes 2 months before it.