Quarterly Season - No Downtime

1 month downtime is too long.

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words can no longer relay my level of disappointment in Amazon Game Studios and Smilegate

The KR playerbase doesn’t care like at all, not even a little bit, about the PvP side of Lost Ark.

So it will never get any attention and since we get a delayed version of the KR version, if you’re playing for PvP, just look for another game. Even the streamers that otherwise preach the “Smilegate can do no wrong” mantra straight up tell you to play something else if you want to PvP.

That alone should tell you what you need to know if you’re hoping for PvP from this game. I gave up.

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There are others mmos with equalised pvp? If you know it pm me pls. I’am looking for good pvp mmo but dont wanna spent my time on farming.

What you say isn’t wrong. If I only played for PvP I would have quit by now, but I see a vibrant potential future for Lost Ark.

The fact that Smilegate is afraid of it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and engaging GvG like War of Emperium that would cause a renaissance of build variety, economic stimulation, word of mouth advertisement and week over week player rention.

It starts with them giving a Single. Solitary. Fuck. about PvP, and the way things have gone, I am still calling November 2nd for this “late october” season 2 release.

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Guildwars 2 has some incredibly fun combat, and zero item level in pvp. Everyone has the same base stats and armor etc, it’s all about knowing your rotations and positioning!

Sodcuda recommend me this game too. But i’am a little bit afraid about skill cup cause its old game with many experienced players. But now i think i will give it a chance and try till start new season in LA.

Ranked PVP is balanced. See you there!