Queen Ealyn is gone


Queen Ealyn is gone for me(Only on my main character) since a few days, i see other poeple talking with her but for me se isnt there anymore.

Without her im stuck and cant progress my second awakening quest.

Same Problem here.
Is there any solution?

Server: Asta → Char: Dahlexa
Queen Ealyn is gone… Cant sail to rohendel

Any update on this?

Update: If you have received a Rapport quest from her she moves away for it and you need to complete it before she returns :smiley:

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thank you very much

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So how do I complete it, because I cannot find her on the map or anywhere

Same boat here…is there a quest I should have?

Hello Heroes!

I hope you all are doing great and ejoying the game and thank you for participate in this topic.

I would like to add a little detail here since the solucion from @Dreamstatex seems to be accurate. One reason why shen could not be there is due to an ongoing rapport quest so she moves to some places around the city. You can check if you have this quest from your “Quest Journal” press J and scroll down untill see a pink color quest that one might be.

Let me know if that works or it there is any other issue related to this topic.
Keep gaming heroes!

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