Quest for Tookalibur

It is the second time I have completed quest for Tookalibur - handing in the tookalibur to the NPC. It tells me to come back the next day. I came back, and the journal has reset itself to showing Tookalibur not completed.

Will take screenshots next time around.

has anyone had this issue?

Im not having that specific issue.
But I am having an issue on the Tooki Corp island for the same quest.
It gives 2 options, go to Tooki Island and kill the king (which I have done several times and never received the Tookacalibur)
And the 2and option says every hour on Tooki Corp island you can do the race and get it if you are in the top 3, I have gone several times and waited and the race thing never happens.
Its frustrating.
And there are no videos on it (that I have found)
Which Tooki Island were you able to get it?
I have been to them all.
Also, 366 views and not one person to comment, terrible.

I’m having The very same problem as you.