Quest: "[Guide] Marina Life" broken

This quest is a classic introduction to a concept, where you spend some resources and get it back from the quest. Currently, the quest doesn’t complete, so you spend the resources and get nothing.


up. i do the quest to but can’t go on the isle.

Same, I invested in a marina near Pleccia to unlock it but didn’t get quest credit. I can dock there, but no quest credit.

  1. Had quest in log
  2. Sailed to Misty Rain Marina
  3. Activated Marina
  4. Didn’t get quest credit
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Same. Can only dock but no land. Quest is stuck.

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Same, plz help

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wait for the marina to expire, abandon quest and try again. worked for me!


Let the time run down. I think I tried docking again, or it completed in my ongoing quests or something. Basically it asked me if I wanted to dock again/activate Ocean Breath, I said yes, and completed the quest.

Currently having the same problem. Will wait for timer to run its course and see if ClassiGetsSassi is right, then report back here.

Let the timer expire, couldnt dock.
Have paid a second time, lets see if this time when the timer expires it lets me dock…

Still broken. Can I get ingame help and the currency refunded?

same here :frowning:

yes, its still broken. it just grabs your pirate coins and credit for quest never is given.
after 20 minutes nothing changes… even worse, you can do it agan and lose 300, instead of 150.
when refund or fix is coming ? 6 months? year?

This still not fixed? How am I supposed to get the song you find here as well?

Yup, seems to be bugged. Lost currency :confused:

Missão ainda bugada tentei fazer , gastei as moedas e nao consegui atracar e nem completou a missão

What finally worked for me was approaching the island from the West.

Seemed broken for me as well but I viewed the map again. The Red Wolf Marina (North East or top right on the map) was blinking for me so I made my way there (this is after the 1st marina). Had to pay pirate coins again but the quest completed that time.

May be a little late, but I ended up abandoning and retaking the quest because i had docked at a different marina near rohendel. i had forgotten about this quest, but as soon as i dropped and re-accepted, the quest marker appeared on the map and i could complete it.

up this. Followed quest to marina, invested resources and I was able to dock however no quest completion.

UP. Still bugged, i invested resources and nothing happened. I have done it now but it cost me 300 pirat coins wich I get back from quest and 20 min of wasted time.