Quest "Honest Liar" missing []

Hi everyone,

I am not able to give in the quest “Honest Liar” to NPC “Hacker Siltero”. The tooltip says “!! You need to have the item [] in your inventory or your roster storage to talk to Siltero the hacker.”, but i do not have the mentioned item anywhere in my inventory, storage, roster storage or pet inventory.

I am also not able to abandon the quest. So i am not able to complete the quest in any way.

Its talking about an Epic Treasure map with the description of: “A strange map. There’s a pattern printed on the inside. It looks familiar…”

You used this to figure out where the statue was in Krona port and then start the quest on Tooki island

I can’t find that in my inv anymore. Might have destroyed it at some point along the way.

The problem is that now, idk how to reobtain that, and i cannot abandon the q…


Edit: never mind, i solved my problem with the quest

Uh oh. THAT map. I got rid of it a while back thinking I didn’t need it anymore. Like another said, this quest cannot be abandoned or continued without it so… what now lol.

I have the same issue; No fixing after more than one month ? :confused:

How ? What was your issue?

Hey guys. I resolved this with help of Amazon support. Just spam click G and left click in the part of the window where the options should be, and it will pass :smiley:

Amazingly stupid, but it worked.

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This fixed it for me. Had the same error, etc.