Quest "i can hear you"

questhas been moved to completed howexr 2 of the 4 story progress have not been complated as a result can’t get forest minuet. plz help

Hello @toph899

I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble completing the quests to obtain Forest Minuet.

Could you please let me know which quests are currently marked as completed? You stated that two of the four had not been completed yet. So far, you should have both “The Forest Where Fairies Sing” and “I Can Hear You” completed in your Quest Journal.

The next step in the questline would be “It’s Okay, Miss Fairy,” so assuming the first two I mentioned were completed, you should see this in your Quest Journal for Lullaby Island. It will be asking you to perform [Co-op] Magick Melody and collect Voices of the Forest from the Secret Area which is a time limited event.

Please let me know if this helped at all!

  1. the forest where fairies sing (complete)
  2. I can here you (complete)
    last 2 not complete