Quest Item Not In Bag

The quest Keep Farm From Harm, got bugged I’m unable to retransform into the ladybug nor I also have no Potion for it. To abandon the quest is “greyed out” unable to remove it… and all the NPC are unable to talk to and the ladybug of the quest is not respawning.

Need to be able to reset or get the item for the quest.


I’m having the same issue :frowning:

I am having this exact issue because of the restart that happened last night and I was in ladybug form. Any fix?

Same issue here.
any fix yet?

Having this same issue. please lmk if resolved. Super annoying considering its a main questand i cant do anything else. any ideas who to contact?

This is not a bug, you need to open your inventory and click on quest items in the bottom left, an additional bag will open


Bottom left of your bag has an icon, click it for quest item pop out. Check there. Now I type this and see mrp67 already said this lol … +1 to what they said.

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Thanks team for the feedback and the notification on where to find it.

Yall take care, keep the grind going