Quest item unobtainable

Hello, I’ve been trying to obtain the quest item Moss-Covered log to begin the adventure tome another story “Tragedy written in stone”. One of the ways for obtaining this item is supposed to be completing the side quest “A memory of what was”, However my quest journal says I have already completed this side quest. The second way of obtaining the item is supposedly a drop from killing grave keeper ghosts but I’ve been farming them for hours now and still haven’t got it.

Can you help me somehow?

I believe an NPC named Taport in Rethramis Border should give you a quest which you obtain the Moss-Covered Log from. The only other way to obtain it is farming grave keeper ghosts indeed.

Your response is borderline a copy paste of my ticket, hopefully a staff member sees this soon

I realized after re-reading it. But the staff will most likely not come here to guide you through a game. Since you did say the quest was already completed in your journal, and you don’t have the roster quest in-progress, either you have the quest on a different character or you have accidently destroyed the item (it’s description say it cannot be sold or dismantled, but does not say not destructible).

Refer to the Codex of this item. Moss-Covered Page - Items - Lost Ark Codex
It says Moss Covered Log is dropped by the following monsters: Flesh-eating spider, Gravedigger, Gravekeeper Ghost, and Pandemon.

The quest is completed not in progress, I no longer have the quest item on any of my characters. I attempted farming the monsters for the item drop for multiple hours on different characters in case it was bugged and not dropping for me and still haven’t been able to get it.

I’m talking about the roster quest that follows once you use Moss-Covered Log. If you completed the quest given by Taport, there is no way you have not received one. Either you have the quest in different character, or you destroyed it by accident… And the only other way to get one is hard farming the monsters above.