Quest Pirate Star - Astray / Bug-Error-Help?

I bought the quest item for 300k pirate coins, right clicked to use it which consumed the item and started a quest to talk to Blackfang. I didn’t know that I had to do that quest on the character I took the mission from and not even remembering the mission I deleted the character, so I thought about taking the quest on another character, but the item I need to buy is 1 time per roster. How can I reset this quest and get it again?

I checked an identical post about the same problem, and the solution passed by support was to restore the character who had this mission and complete it normally.

But here there is another problem, I don’t remember which of the three characters I deleted have the mission, I already restored one and it wasn’t, but even if I ask for the restoration of the other two I can’t do another one because of the 365 restoration restriction days.

So how should I proceed?

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I’m sorry you lost this Item on a deleted character , to continue to help you , and since we need more details to review your inventory , please contact our support team via the link below so we can further investigate more the issue and help you to report this on a ticket:
You can also include this forum link on the ticket to add more information.

Please visit this link to create the web ticket for our team:
Select In-game Issues → Something Else → Contact Us → Web ticket.

We apologize for any inconveniences generated by this.

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ok, thanks.

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