Quest Progress bug: Song of Hearth and Home

Under the Sheet Music tab (F2), the song “Song of Hearth and Home” shows up as unlocked, I had completed the quest “Song of Hearth and Home” to achieve the song unlock.

However, under the Quest Journal (J), the quest “Song of Hearth and Home” does not show up under In Progress or Completed. This is a bug because I am either in progress/or completed the quest, how else could I use the Hearth and Home song? I cannot progress onto the next quest “First Impressions”, which ultimately does not allow me to begin the Stronghold upgrades.

Someone on reddit already solve that and answered for same question:

“Nevermind, got it. I just rebooted the game and reverified the integrity of my files and loaded back in, and it’ll show up in your quest journal and you just have accept it.”

I actually came from that same post, I rebooted and verified integrity of files through steam, and restarted my computer after that. Wasn’t able to fix the issue, any other things you can think of to try?

Don’t you have everything completed already? Or did you find all songs?

I cannot progress onto any of the quests that are after the “song of hearth and home” quest, and that locks me out of the stronghold progression

Did you try to port out of stronghold with Song of Escape or Trixion and use the song for Stronghold again?

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WOW!!! I just tried Song of Escape and then Song of Hearth and Home! The Hearth and Home quest isn’t showing up still but “Issue for Approval” showed up under “In Progress” for the first time, so your solution worked for me!

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