Quest Regrets not working

On the quest “Regrets” in Scraplands you are suposed to talk to 3 NPC’s in order to “Find X”.

But when trying to talk to Regulator Milla and clicking on the “Regrets” option nothing happends.
When talking to the other 2 NPC’s you get 2 options for the quests.

Im able to interact with Milla by clicking on her but not able to get the dialog for the quest.

All i can see i is the “Regrets” option, Milla saying “What it is” and the Leave button.

Since i can’t talk im not able to complete quest. Tried to relogg and restart and two diffrent days. Have abondened the quest and picked it up three times.

Ontop of of all that i was without my Aura whole day 20/2 and yesterday my logg in queue froze on 5k after waiting from 15k ( friends in queue were still counting down ) and after restarting game i was back at 17k queue but working countdown )

Region: EU Central
Char: Wrouni
Quest:“Regrets” - Scraplands
Steamid: Steam Community :: Wrouni


I have the same issue

I just completed this quest. It is bugged in a weird way. I came here to post my findings.

First off, it can be completed. The normal left clicking, or pressing G does not advance any of the dialog during the investigation phase, though. This causes confusion as every quest up to this point has performed that way. For this quest however, to trigger the dialog, speak to the person, then click on the quest name in the bottom left corner. You may need to click it a couple of times. This should bring up a selection screen where you can choose what to say, and get you through the quest.

The other bug with this quest is when you turn the quest into Regulator Hans, he has the exact same dialog that one of the NPCs that you investigated had. Word for word. Then after the quest is completed, a chat bubble appears above his head with what his dialog should have been during the interaction.

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@Wrouni and @henryy, I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the quest, please check the information given for @Nashemon and let me know if it helps or the issue persists.

@Nashemon, thank you for taking the time of posting your findings about this quest in the forums, regarding the possible bugs you encountered, I suggest you to post them on the Bugs and Localization Feedback section for the team in charge of it to check it.

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