[Quest] The Lyre of Love BUG

sounds plausible, really hope they get this fixed

Same, please fix !
I got the other Islands that was hidden but did not get this :frowning:
need them materials !

That could be indeed the case. I havea also the problem with azure winds.

Same here… gated by 1.5k guardian stones and 500 destruction stones :clown_face: Any plans on fixing this? If possible prior to me getting to t3?

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same here, see proof in the attached screenshot.
i hope it gets fixed, could really use that mats and really dislike it when something remains uncompleted

Acording to AmazonGames support they are aware of that bug, and working on fix, and told me to go by this post to see any update: Welcome Challenge, not giving reward after completion Fomona island

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Same here, @Roxx Please help

found a workaround.
you can do the quest once on a male and once on a female char.
doing it on a female alt fixed it for me (and gave another island heart and t2 mats)

what GS was your alt?

Yeah got the bug too

yeah got the bug too x2


same here


worked fine for me,maybe fixed ?

Fomona Island Lyre of Love male version doesnt count for the beginner challenges.

are you by any chance playing male characters ?

Please fix, same issue. Name is Henru on Azena East server. I cannot collect my rewards.

This is how the quest is meant to be done LOL how does no one know this

Fomona Island Guide for Lost Ark on Maxroll.gg - Island Guides proof you need to do it on a male + female char ur games are NOT BUGGED STOP SENDING FALSE INFO TO AMAZON

People playing female characters are able to complete the quest, so you’re just wrong, take your own advice

So i need to make a female char to fix this…