Questing with bots?

they’re everywhere omg running together in lines. tragic

So on the forum you’ve chosen to post this, you want us all to play with our own bots?

Nice Tip tho, thanks :wink:

They know about that issue and maybe this post should go into the feedback, discussion section

these aren’t my bots, I just thought it was eerie because I think I was the only actual player in that area at that time. I was just really surprised seeing how many there were as I haven’t seen them in-game like this actually going through the quest line is all.

it is a helpful post since it shows the players name and it reports a very harmfull activity such as bot farming, so luckily they’ll get instabanned

I know that this aren´t you bots…why did people these days cant handle sarcasm…
It was just a hint that you should move this into the right section :wink: