Question 2— about Dec update

Please, can you give us an update date of December with at least 5 days before the update? This would really help people who want to save energy/rest bonus from chaos dungeon, raid, daily… to enhance the farming of new content.


@Roxx :blush:

Also perhaps help people plan holidays around the release date as well…

This is a known strategy though, revealing a date would then compel them to release content on a timed schedule thereon making them accountable if things don’t go as planned
Instead just say “ December “ for example and that will give them a whole 30 days span to release whenever more convenient.

So if they released on the 31st of December nobody could actually complain as that would actually be still December technically right?

To me sounds just like lack of confidence in decision making and causes big inconveniences for players

We’ll have that date ready to share early next week, so it should give folks a bit of a heads up to prep! :eyes:

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Will we also get a heads up if the gold shop gets extended with the december update?

thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Fix your server first or prepare for the shitstorm.

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