Question about activing a power pass

When you do this say you activate a south vern power pass which is highest pass

  1. Will it immediately unlock level 1300 for you where you can then immediately start using your honor leapstones and stuff or will you still be at start level and you would need to level up using green harmony shards and leapstone then move onto the blue ones etc?

  2. Knowledge Transfer is it the same thing as a Power Pass but Cheaper?

PS which continents can I skip on my alt? I am level 500 and now heading to rohendell but I am not sure i want to play this but then I need to do the quest to unlock gems?

  1. Yes, in the case of South Vern Powerpass, you’ll be given a full set already honed up to level 1340.

  2. Knowledge Transfer is not exactly the same. I believe there’s a few differences in the quests and side-quests that get cleared automatically and the ones that remain available for your character to accept and complete, but the result is very very similar.

You can skip Rohendell as soon as you hit iLvl 600, just go straight to Yorn and the story continues as if you did Rohendell’s story. I believe there was one more you could skip, but not sure which.

NOTE: I believe (edit: someone has confirmed it) that by skipping a continent’s story you won’t be allowed to use Knowledge Transfer to complete the next continent. Knowledge Transfer basically locks you to the lowest story available to Transfer and it doesn’t consider the continent as completed just because you complete the next one. For example if you skip Rohendell, do Yorn and then Feiton, you won’t be able to use Knowledge Transfer to complete Punika because the system will “force” you to use it on Rohendell first.


ok thanks

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You can skip Rohendel and Feiton.

But yes, skipping will block Knowledge Transfer past them. Each continent is ‘required’ for Knowledge Transfer.

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I am currently in a guild however none of them are currently online so I decided to ask on this forum. But my guild has been very helpful in answering my questions as opposed to ask everything on the forum.

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If I skip rohendell, do feiton and yorn will I be able to knowledge transfer Punika?

But then where would I even get items at that level to do south vern I would probably still have to do punika

I heard that one trick people use is buy basic T2 items on the AH because that’s all that’s available on the AH

If you skip Rohendel, all you’ll see for Knowledge Transfer on that character is Rohendel. Doesn’t matter if you’re 1200+, Knowledge Transfer will want you to do Rohendel.

If you use a PowerPass that will count as completion. So you could do a mix of PowerPass and Knowledge Transfers to reduce royal crystal costs but KT won’t let you skip without the story quests being marked completed.

ok great thanks

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