Question about ark passes

When should we expect another one of these? Is there a usual timeline for how often these things occur?

Also, why do they have a time limit on when you can buy the premium version of these passes?

this pass has been active for almost 2 months now and I couldnt buy the premium version at all in that time frame, loosing out on an incredible amount of materials that prob would have let me hit 1415 by now. It seems insane to let something like this continue running for 2 months without the option to let me throw money at them on it.

KR gets one every couple months, we dont know how itll be handled here. i dont understand the rest of your post… you can finish the post within like 2-3 weeks f2p, you can buy the premium pass with money and you can buy levels with money as well.

I want to buy the premium version that rewards extra materials vs the F2P version of the pass.

Players ability to purchase higher tiers of this pass is limited to the first 2 months of the pass being active. So you have a situation where your battle pass runs for an additional 2 months but you cant spend the money to upgrade this pass to the next tier. This is my issue with the system. You shouldn’t cutoff your revenue stream from this battlepass halfway through its activity period.

You should be able to purchase higher tiers through the entire run time of the battlepass, or atleast 75% of the time it is active. Not 50%. I came back from a break and was unable to buy the higher tier bc it was active for 2 months, and another 2 months of being active without the option to upgrade feels bad. Thats all, I think its would improve the quality of the system overall by giving people the option to purchase higher tiers deeper into the runtime of the pass.

I’m not entirely sure but I think there’s a 2 month break between each Ark pass release.

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I just found this tho :face_exhaling:

So i guess there are no official news out there for us :roll_eyes:

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