Question about auto-dismantler and new ingravings tracking

hello everyone!
as we know, starting of yesterday’s patch, we are now able to track the engravings we want in our accessories, and it interfers with the auto dismentler.
exemple : you have domination,expertise and endurance on auto dismentle, but if the acc has a tracked engraving, it won’t get dismentled.

Does anyone have any idea if choosing “only exclude items with 2/1 or more tracked engravings”, includes the tracked/favorite engravings you selected, or does it include only the option selected in the auto dismentler ??

Hello, it’s working the same as before.

When you set favorite engravings, it checks for either 1/2 on them based on what you selected in the dismantle window, but it’s not an AND with stats. You may get Grudge/Keen but with domination not dismantled.

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So basically as i thought, it’s counter productive with auto dismentler. If it’s actually true, it’s useless and i can’t see the point of that system in the first place.
Unless it’s not working as intended.
edit: i wanted to write about it in feedback but i wanted to make sure i’m not missing something.

The point is dismantling 3 unwanted stats with no favorite engravings at all. It’s helpful but not optimal as an AND operation is needed.

i’m not talking about dismentler, i’m talking about the engraving tracking, it hinders the dismentler, which makes tracking ingravings a bad and uesless system.

the option to highlight things was inteded because people dont want to use the autodismantler

so for those who dont want to use the autodismantler , for those is that highliting system intended to be a QoL thing.

for those who did use the auto dismantler and the favoristise funktion nothing changes

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Iirc this has caused confusion before and feedback has been posted about this. Not sure if anything will change though.

Like @IceCreamTruck said, it’s not AND so as it is now you might want to uncheck the engraving box. This way you’ll keep the stuff with the right stats, then you dismantle bad engravings manually (with the new indicator). It’s not optimal but it’s better now.

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thanks for telling me :laughing:.
feels bad, i was hyped thinking it was a great QoL change, but it is what it is i guess :sweat_smile:

I mean it can’t hurt to make a new thread in the feedback section about it after the engraving change to put it in the spotlight once more.

It would be a great QoL improvement after all. Or maybe some mod could escalate it again

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ye true!
well atleast unchecking the box bellow let’s the dismentler do it’s job properly, and you can manually dismentle the ones without engraving trackings on them, i actually noticed it yesterday lol.

also would be nice if they make it work in raids too instead of having to check and do it manually after each raid.

Have you guys been dismantling stuff by hand for the past 6 months or…? xD
Sorry if it seemed like arrogance, but seems like comments here display a bit of ignorance towards the system. It’s understandable. It’s confusing and honestl makes no sense as to why they designed the system this way, but oh well…

Anyway, on “Item Rank” you set up ALL the stuff that gets dismantled. Below those options, you setup the Exceptions or “Exclusions”.

I actually wrote a quick guide on another post a while back.

TLDR: If you want ALL accessories with bad stats to get dismantled, you simply have to put Legendary in the “Item Rank” ignore the exclusions bit (leave all unchecked), while checking the stats you want gone. That way, all Legendary get dismantled, even possible good ones (but at this point, who cares lel), while Relic ones only get dismantled if they have bad stats.

With this new engravings addition you can actually check it, if you want to not dismantle those engravings, but why would you? Bad stats are bad stats, it won’t sell for much or at all xD

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lol thanks for trying to help! but i think i’ve been using the dismentler properly, i’ve been playing since release, stopped after clown release, and came back few days ago to have some casual gameplay fun, so the engravings check marker is news for me, hince i didnt notice it the first time :laughing:

but like i said it wouldve been nice if the dismentler works on raids accessories too :grin:

edit: i’ve never used fav engravings since it was useless, but now it’s nice, since you have the marker on the accessories which will help you dismentle faster, i’m disappointed that the engravings check stops the stats check from working properly even after the new update.
you still need to uncheck the engravings exclusion or it won’t dismentle the ones with wrong stats :smiley:, also still having to manually check all accessories after each raid xD

Ah yeah true. Actually don’t know if it does with any option, since the raid accessories aren’t really drops. It works the same way as the first clear rewards from guardians, for example. Since it’s a chest you open, the accessories go straight to inventory without any filtering. I believe they do the filtering through the pet system, which is the one grabbing the dropped items, but not sure.

Yeah, I know. Like I said, it honestly makes no sense why they would design the system this way. You’re basically marking everything to dismantle with some exclusions. It makes more sense - to me at least - to mark those you want dismantled instead of the ones you do not. Idk

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