Question about AutoHotKey


Is it bannable to use AutoHotKey to bind spacebar to mouse scroll? Is that a bannable program by Amazon / Smilegate? I cannot do hanumatan with my space bar anymore. And in game I can’t bind it to double keys.

If any mod can help answer thank you very much.

yes its bannable, its a third party program

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About you question, I would like to tell you that in this case I don’t see any problem to use that kind of scrips or apps to change the keybinds, however we don’t recommend to use any kind of third party tools that can provide some unfair adventage that affects your and other players experience.

You can use the app by your responsibility meanwhile the tool, app or script doesn’t provide some kind of advantage in game or modify the game files or exploit the game but my recommendation would be avoid use the app if is possible.

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