Question about bound T1 materials

So I recently got to Lv50 for the first time, just following a guide to get my free 302ilvl set from Shushire, not having played this game before.
I want to use my Powerpass soon on another character and possibly make it my main, but I found out that I can’t transfer some of these materials that I have, and want to know how much of a problem it would be to get them back as I do not know the value of anything that I have which is: 180 destruction stone, 600 guardian stone, 25 harmony leapstone.
If possible can anyone tell me how I gain these/how long it would take to get these amounts back/how easy is it/can I even transfer them to another character in the roster? etc.

Thats very few material, you can get that in a single daily dungeon probably.

Also you can buy 302 gear reasonably cheaply on market

Finish the tower on your main, then the alts should get a hefty material sum from subsequent clears