Question about Crystalline Aura Purchasing

A friend drew my attention to a combination of things in the market place that maybe ‘seems’ like it’s too good to be true. Was wondering if someone could help check his math.

On the “Crystal Tab”: “Level Complete Pack (lv 50)” is 1000 royal crystals (gives 2600 blue crystals)

On the “Essential Tab”: “30-days Crystalline Aura” for 420 (blue) crystals

For roughly $11 (in royal crystals), you can get 180 days of crystalline aura using the blue crystals (one time)? Is that right?

yes, the crystaline aura you can buy infinitely many times, only the lvl 50 pack is limited to 1/account

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Thanks! But was the right on the math? That you get 2600 blue crystals for that, and you could spend it on 6 months worth of 30-day aura packages at 420 blue crystals a pop?

yeah, 2600/420 ~ 6.2, you can buy 6 of them, but dont activate all 6 at once, (you never know when you may take a break from the game, and the aura keeps ticking even if you dont play)

Awesome, and thank you!