Question about Express Event and Destroyer

Should ve keep our Express event selection for destroyer ? Or there will be new stuff for destroyers ?


+1 im curious too



It ends june 30th but bear in mind, if destroyer comes out the 20th or later you won’t be able to complete certain objectives in the Express mission event unless you have already done them.

Edited cause Maselbard answered everything :slight_smile:

yeah thats why im asking if should we keep it or there will be new event for destroyers


I don’t know if therell be an event but there historically tends to be for a class release.

Potentially a hyper express to 1370 next time? Punika pass? There’s many potential options.

If destroyer releases with a t3 pass then you wont be able to use it anyway

If Valtan comes out in May with Destroyer the i do hope a T3 pass as well

As the one who is quoted here I have to slightly correct this statement since it is a bit out of context.

What I wrote there was a general information and nothing specifically about a pass for the destroyer.

Someone was asking about it and I told them that officially we can’t say anything about it but if something will be done there, we will tell all of you asap. At which someone complained about the short notice in which we announce things.
This is what I answered to in the linked message. We know we sometimes inform you on a short notice but we have to plan everything and always make sure nothing changes all of a sudden, that is why it takes some time and can be on a short notice but in exchange for that the announced stuff works out :slight_smile:


if we spend our Express Event on any char and there wont be for destroyers. it would be sucks u know. hope u guys gonna announce it asap so people can wait or u know ^^. ty for the respond

Reading this and remembering the glaivier launch made me laugh so much. (Not sarcastic this actually was so funny)

Hey just wanted to say Iove u bro

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Why not just tell people ahead of time and underscore that it’s tentative?

There’s no harm in being prepared for something that doesn’t happen, but the same cannot be said for being caught off guard without time to prepare


Didnt want to spread false information, so ty for clarifying :slight_smile:

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Not to be overly critical here but how do we not yet know how this event, which reaches to the end of June, will impact the destroyer launch in May?

How long do we have to sit on our express event/feiton pass until we can expect confirmation about whether destroyer will get its own launch event/pass? I don’t think anyone expects a launch date but we should definitely be able to get a yes/no on this. It’s as if no one thought of the potential conflict. ~2.5 month long event for glaiver that would overlap with destroyer and potentially even a third class release?

Hope there is a lot since a lot of people want to main destroyer and need to catch up. Esp since it was supposed to be the first class we were given but AGS decided screw everyone and to postpone and change classes less than a month out to glaiver, not even RU was this ADD with class drops. Now that ban waves have been hitting the botts maybe AGS will realize most people have at least 1 character raiding level and start giving the catch up mechanics and Enh buffs I.E less mat cost and enh chance % actually matches enh chance, that they have in other regions, and give at least a Punika pass south vern for Destroyer.

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so as for all the other announcements, we will be the day before the update, you will never change AGS

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Which ones? Won’t be completed? If destroyer is out in May? Why wouldn’t we compete by June 30?