Question about false ban and RMT logic in general

Now that I’ve read a lot of threads here in the forum regarding incorrect bans for RMT and this mostly has to do with trading gems, I’ve had a few questions.

Let’s say I collect gems on all my chars and eventually create a lvl 9/10 gem. But it’s not the skill I need. So I put the gem in the AH and use the gold to buy the right one.

If I had sold the Gem to get RMT Gold, I would not have made a profit. The gem I have is worth say 100k gold. I would theoretically have bought 100k gold on an RMT site and was told to put a gem in the AH, which they then bought (I’m guessing that’s how it works…or how else?).

So that I really have a profit, I would have to get the gem back from the RMT service provider (via personal trade?!).

As long as this doesn’t happen, it can NEVER be RMT, right?

That would mean if the people who were mistakenly banned and didn’t complete a personal trade to get the gem back within a very short time after selling it or via private ingame mail, then it should be clear that it wasn’t RMT ?!

Am I missing something here?

I have to admit that I’m now scared of selling gems or upgrading my main to better ones by buying them…
It’s really sad and I think a lot of people feel that way because we don’t get any official information about it.

How can this glitch be resolved?

Sorry to ping you here @Roxx @Shadow_Fox .
But isn’t it time to get clarity here? :-/

You can’t do anything, if you receive a sanction you can only accept it, not even appealing works since I see more bots in the appeal system than in the game itself.

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