Question about gear/engraving/stats priorities

Have a question regarding gear (jewelry/ability stones) stats and what to prioritize when considering to swap for new gear.


  • Lance Master (Glavier sigh) with Pinnacle
  • just at GS 460 and keeping it really slow(!) :upside_down_face:
  • stats focused prio 1 > Specialization and prio 2 > Swiftness (mostly found Swiftness items yet)
  • not planning to get to higher GS asap > please no “just don’t care to much, get to higher Tier, and you get even better gear, only T3+ matters” tips, thanks :wink:




Now I have this (or a similar) option:

Do I switch and lose Swiftness, lose +2 on Pinnacle?
Or are Spec/Swiftness/Pinnacle far more important than Strength/Vitality and maybe another engraving like all out attack/raid captain/grudge/.cursed doll/keen blunt weapon (just to name other engravings I’d consider)?

Questions came up, because I’ve been using the same GS 340 items (rings/amulets) for some time now and never found anything through Chaos/Guardian/Abyssal/… with equal or better Specialization/Swiftness and especially nothing granting Pinnacle.
The GS 460 only has better Str and Vit (of course) a maybe some other interesting engravings, but I’d always lose Pinnacle +1 /+2

Thanks in advance for your feedback :slight_smile:

Best take would be to run the 2nd abyss dungeons (I think it’s 460 required?) for the legendary materials and do the trade for pinnacle/control secured on the abyss trade.

I personally would keep the lvl 3 engraving effect as most of my playtime experience, engravings levels do give a more significant boost compared to raw stats (VIT is very noticeable but a facet stone tier upgrade could cover it for now if you get lucky)


I wouldn’t change. The increase in str/vitality is insignificant meanwhile you’re losing out on engraving and a bit of your desired stats. You will go thru T1 fairly quick anyways. You can get more hp by vitality on stone or gear honing. I’m in the same situation, using blue necklace quality 93 and can’t seem to find any purple one that’s better in terms of stats, let alone engraving like yours.

Thanks @ Jheon and @ Nineveh

Just fyi

Been playing for ~400h now and only have 2 chars on GS 460 and been on this for ~3 weeks or even 4, playing almost every day :wink: (some other chars are parked at GS 250, others at lvl ~30-40).
That’s what I meant by going really slow. I’m currently more a collector, not focused on getting to max GS asap. haven’t finished Shushire yet, but I’m on my way.

I’d rather enjoy my time instead the game instead of rushing through it, although the story…well let’s say not that great hehe.
Although I’m taking it so slow (with others btw), doesn’t mean I’m not interested in the games mechanics :slight_smile:

Are you doing island quests? They are pretty fun and give a bunch of mats to help with honing. I stayed at 302 ilvl for a while on my first character doing islands, picking mokokos, doing adventure tome and stuff. I even did some islands which gave T2 mats without knowing. Didn’t follow a guide, just looked at the map, saw islands and sailed there. It was interesting although I was playing by myself. Then when I finally decided it was time to go up, I honed my gear and explored new continents and even more islands. I wouldn’t consider that “rushing” by any means. “Fairly quick” in comparison with T3 gear progression, which I’m on rn.

Yes, I/we are doing the islands…and hunt for Mokokos, and complete our Adventure Tomes, we even watch every cutscene and read the dialogs (for the first time)…
Basically we’re kind of doing everything most other players don’t do (according to the majority forum) :laughing:

I once or twice mentioned here in some threads, that I for example had fun visiting Panda island, Turtle Island and so on.
And well, I got told “you’re doing it wrong”. But I don’t care :slight_smile: Have been playing MMOs for over 20y now and just grinding for the raid dungeons would feel to much like work, so we’re just playing for fun and do whatever pleases us.

I think it’s great that everyone can enjoy the game in a way he/she likes. Doing more vertical or more horizontal content…
We’ll get to each raid soon enough, so no rush for us to get there :slight_smile:

So basically I/we’ve been playing exactly like you. Just even slower.

You’re definitely not doing it wrong; as long as you’re having fun you are doing it very right.

Some people focus on the most efficient way to progress and then complain that the game is full of “chores”. Those are the ones who are doing it wrong :slight_smile:

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Heh thanks and I/we pretty much know this.
Because we’re not frustrated at all and basically couldn’t care less about most of the topics here that people complain about. Only the bots…but we kinda keep ignoring them and report/block them if they spam to much.

A positive mindset and just taking your time helps a lot :slight_smile: