Question about gearing from 1415-1445/1460

So my main is 1442, im holding off on Valtan NM Clear to see if I hit 1445 before next reset. I have one piece left to push to 17.

Should I be getting the Valtan/Vykas NM 2 piece or just hold materials until i hit 1445 to go for relic set? Right now im just using 5 piece argos set and chosen weapon.

i recommend just get relic set since ur really close. using argos set is just fine. The boost in damage using the legendary legion set is just a bit better.

best kind thanks man, wasnt sure if it was necessary or like a huge difference. I have 4x3 with +1 class all relic accs and 8-7 stone, so my plan is to prob save for grudge legendary books and then go 5x3

Ya using the relic is likely defining for most classes.

It would probably be helpful to note what class you are if you wanted more specific advice since some classes probably suggest specific pieces/pathways to go down

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The normal material can only be used for the non-relic set but it cost gold so I would just wait if I were you. Two-piece Argos and the two-piece relic are what you should aim for till you can craft more. You can opt into crafting the normal piece for the two-set bonus if you don’t mind the gold cost but I would advise not to get baited into rolling for quality.

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