Question about Gunslinger Peacemaker

Hey would ask you guys, what u think about mass increase engraving on a Gunslinger.

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Get Grudge.

18% attack power for 10% less attack speed
solid choice, would get it myself

Got : Grude ; Keen Blunt ; Adrenaline ; Hit Master and peacemaker 1

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Unless you run swiftness GS for some reason then absolutely no. You already have long animations lock making it even longer is just great way to become even better floorslinger.

Also i do understand appeal of Mass Increase because it’s a lot cheaper then cursed doll. But on class like GS will you will see very noticeable lower Attack speed.

Mass Increase feels like shit on Gunslinger…unless you’re stacking a lot of swiftness, which in turn feels like shit because you lose a lot of dmg from not having some spec.