Question about Kadan questline

Do we have to re do this quest line on every alt to access south Vern etc?

I thought it was a roster /1 time quest cause it’s purple but I noticed the quest was possible to take on my alt and really don’t want to have to re do for them again if possible.

Pretty sure you will need to finish the prereq storyline. Just like previous power pass - to access Yorn you need to finish Rohendll.

Well I finished Punika etc obviously but the Kadan questline has pre requisite purple quests from other zones as well, not simply a normal story progression teal quest line etc.

i mean my alts just skip rohendal and push too 600ilvl in north vern then sail too yorn.

my soulfist is sittin yorn, having completed the quest chain, with the quest guide for rohendal still showing.

The Kadan questline works differently then this I believe. You also do not currently have a punika pass. I have 2 alts around 1340 so they have done everything prior but doing an hour plus or 2 hour questline to go then repeat vern actual questline seems off.

there are def prereq’s for kadan, they literally wont let you access it any other way. but i was more so responding too the rohendal and yorn example because it was wrong.

Adding to this, depending on how many alts you have you will have had to re do the continents anyway to have done more knowledge transfers so you will have to do those pre requisite back track sail around the globe questline a for Kadan AND do Kadan a sail around the globe quest line is what I’m seeing. THEN bring your alts to repeat south Vern questline etc.

I guess my question is now that I’ve done Kadan purple questline do I still have to re do it with every alt in order to access south Vern content when released soon.

Anyone have definite answer on this? I’ll get to grinding it out now rather then being gated from Vern on alts longer.