Question about knowledge transfers

I knowledge transferred a Sharpshooter and was wondering if I am able to delete him and then Knowledge transfer a Artillerist.

since this topic was ressurected I see I didn’t know about the 9 times then at 24feb.
Still as I said no gain from deleting character as topic asked.

ok cool, thought i read or heard that you can only do one of a subclass from a class

You can knowledge transfer 9 times total I believe. You don’t really need to delete your sharpshooter though. Just make an Artillerist and knowledge transfer after the 8 hours is over for the sharpshooter.

Yes the total is nine times. What I want to know is if I manually level a second character will I be able to knowledge transfer 9 more times? I used all my transfers and deleted a few classes I didn’t end up enjoying now I’m wondering if I have to manually level every future class I want. I wasn’t aware of the 9 cap.

Doesn’t knowledge transfer only work for every second character? As in, you do the quest once, you can knowledge transfer one character, then to be able to knowledge transfer another character after that, you have to complete the quest again? I think every 3rd character you have to do the questline basically.

You should be able to find all of this info somewhere in the Knowledge Transfer UI, I think if you hover over the “transfer” button on a continent, it tells you how many characters you need to have completed the quest on to KT your next character.

I can’t imagine that you can delete a character to get more or up the 9 cap. I haven’t tested and don’t know. What you should know though, when you KT a character you are missing out on about 200k-400k silver per continent, as well as you will be missing a bunch of free pots and mats. The content is obviously pretty easy and fast, so unless you’re rich you probably shouldn’t KT at all. You should only really KT to Vern, even when you do KT to Vern, you should level up normal until you get Solas card, if you ever want to awaken your Lostwind Cliff set.

No, you only have to level 1 character manually to get the 2 power passes and 9 knowledge transfers. My question is once you have depleted the 9 vern knowledge transfers, can you level another character manually to obtain more vern knowledge transfers.

My assumption is no which is a bummer cuz I definitely wanted to make a destroyer and a scouter.

No, you definitely have to take a character through the quests manually each time you want to use a knowledge transfer.

Yes, with one manual level up and two powerpasses you get 3 characters you can knowledge transfer to 50, then you need to manually level up (or powerpass when available) 6 characters to get the extra 6 knowledge transfers

I thought that too at first based on interface and the need we heard for Rohandel, Yorn and such.

The Vern knowledge transfers just needs one of your character to have completed that Vern Aelyns gift quest.
Then you can do Vern part for 9 characters and get them to combat level 50.

Then if you want Rohandal and later transfers you can only do it for half your characters and the other half needs to have done that step.

Right, so for the vast majority of the knowledge transfers you need to manually do the quests on one character per transfer.

I’m telling you I only manually leveled one character and got nine transfers.

For one of the four knowledge transfers. 75% of them require one manual run per transfer.

I leveled my first character manually, did 2 power passes, and nine knowledge transfers.

I deleted 2 characters and tried to knowledge transfer and it said I had completed 9/9 knowledge transfers.

My question is can I get more knowledge transfers by manually leveling another character or is it a maximum of nine per roster?

The answer is no. You get nine and that’s it. I leveled up a another character through Shushire and it still says 9/9 complete.