Question about names and character creation

So names are something that are very important to me, and so is character creation.

How does it all work? Do I choose my name, then create my character, or is it the case that I spend too long customizing my character that my name can already be taken? Do I have the option to edit character creation options later? I just don’t want to dwell too long on making my character look the way I want and have my name taken.

Thank you!

Char creation first, then name. Good luck!

And cost real money to re do your look

Damn, looks like I’m going to have to pay money to change my look after the fact then. Name is important to me :confused:

If you create a character then delete it the name will lock up and you wont be able to use it. Names are region wide, 16 letters, no space, one capital letter at the start…absolutely bonkers in 2022


Especially consider it supports Korean, so the name is definitely nvarchar. It has the capacity to handle any character.

People I know want to steal my name then delete the character to be a dick. So I basically am forced to pay irl money to have a name I want. Naming conventions feel so archaic

It could be worse, well known streamers are gonna have their names stolen for sure :slight_smile: Oh damn and delete it!! Wankers

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Do we know the prices on this yet?

Jfc we live in a world of diminished brain cells that we throw away like confetti… Everyone wants a nice name, get in line buddy, it’s like asking a telephone if it likes ears. The real knee slapper here is the guy that started this thread chose the name Sphinctus…

We do. The lowest priced package is $9.99 USD for 1000 Royal Crystals. If the cost of a name change stays the same from the beta, a name change will cost roughly $9.00 USD.

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with the whole preload not being the actual game… now you have to contend with hardware and internet speed determining if you will be able to get a name at all

Greetings @Sphinctus

Thank you very much for bringing your current issue to our attention and I do apologize about the unexpected experience you had within your play-through.

Names from deleted character can be used of the character was under lvl10, otherwise you will have to wait 60 d from the day the character was deleted.

You can refer tho this post from a CM:

This rule goes under guild names as well.

If you would like to change the dame avoiding there is an item called: Character Name Change Ticket, you can by it for: 1500 Royal Crystals, this allows you to change name right away.

I hope this information granted has been provided you gives a great and helpful insight.

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