Question about noble banquet skins

Hey, so i noticed that the new noble banquet skins are bound to the character, I was hoping they would be at least class bound but no. I will never understand why all this “complicated” system just for skins. But let’s move on for now and here my question.

So we can only purchase one noble banquet armor skin chest per character. But if I purchase the chest on a character, can I claim it on another character? If I want two different pieces on one character for example like Lofty and Misterious.

And about the super premium power pass, is the skin the same? I was trying to understand and justify a bit the price for me.

If you buy the super premium pass (and get to level 30) you’ll be able to buy more skins:

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super premium one is banksharable blue crystal one isnt

however the box is banksharable from both iirc

and its class only so like all fighters share the same noble outfit, all mages share the same, etc

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all right many thanks this answers all my questions ^^ now i just have to decide x)

Thanks for the reply. So I can buy more chests then with blue crystals? like it’s raising the limit?

They’re bound to roster for me, restricted to their base class [gunner/martial artist/warrior/etc.]

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My understanding is the “extra” skins are royal crystal purchases.

mmmh i see, would have been too good x) ty again!