Question about recent Amazon/SG Article

@Roxx I had a question concerning the recent article posted by Amazon and Smilegate about the future of Lost Ark.

The 5th and 6th paragraph of the article talks a little about how the decision to raise a lot of the T3 content from 1355 item level (the original KR/RU/JP item level) to 1370 item level for the western version because of Alpha and Beta feedback.


My question, is there any plan on reverting these back to their original item level of 1355? A big part of why players feel a massive dead zone from 1340 - 1370 is due to this and I feel like not reverting it will cause new players that enter T3 to inevitably get stuck in the dead zone and get burnt out.

I love this game and I think you and the other CM’s are doing an absolute fantastic job replying and talking to the community, I’m hoping this post can also reach the developers as many people, including myself, think this change is a necessity.

In hindsight I now realize the original Hard mode dungeons gave Epic gear instead of Legendary gear, with this newfound information I can understand why the ilvl was jacked up so high, but I still dont agree that the ilvl rec. for Hard Mode should be the exact same as the Abyss raid. I think lowering it by 10 ilvl to 1360 would be a good solution to fixing a lot of players who are stuck in the dead zone.

Thanks a ton!

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It is actually a huge advantage for Oreha to be 1370 since it gives legendary gear. This makes it so you don’t have to wait weeks to get argos set so you can push your ilvl. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe the previous oreha hard mode only gave purple gear.

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You are correct.

I was not aware that the original hard mode only gave Epic gear. This certainly changed my perspective on it, can anyone please send me a picture or proof of it though, if its not too much to ask?

You can watch the end, it drops epic crafting material.

Ah, very interesting. In that case I guess it makes sense, however I still think the ilvl shouldn’t be the same as the Abyss Raid. I think it would be better if the ilvl rec. was pushed down to 1360.