Question about reclaiming a free item

Good day, I would like to thank you first for a wonderful free to play MMO. I spent around 160 hrs in game on steam so far, and went to buy the super premium pass to support the game. However, there is one thing I can’t get off my mind. When I started playing the game on North West America server, I claimed a free reward of animal skin set, pet, mount and pheons only to discover that I created a character on the Valtan server. My friends are playing on the Shandi server so I deleted my character on Valtan thinking I can reuse my character name and reclaiming the freebies since it is a different server. I reused my character name but sadly the freebies cannot be reclaimed on another server. May I ask if it is possible to have another set of the freebies on my current roster in Shandi? I deleted the one on Valtan. Hoping for a favorable response. Regardless, my friends and I will still support the game and buy passes every now and then. Thank you very much.