Question about servers and characters

Hello, Im just not sure what happens if you have different characters in different servers.

Asuming ofc they all are in same region, what happens to your materials or gold (or everything) if you have one character in one server and, lets say, it gets full or you change your mind and make another one in a different one, or make one in a different one to play with a friend being there?

I mean, is benefictial in any way to have all in the exact same server or doesnt matter at all?

What I ask is: What will be shared and what not? materials, gold, costumes, founder packs, world unlocks/tome/collectibles/rapport, etc?

Its a bit confusing to me.

And a bit scary also, in case a server got full on the road , etc.


EDIT: Roxx answer in Steam below

Nothing carries over between servers afaik. But you can use party finder cross server, and queues are also cross server.

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Nothing carries from one realm to another as far as i know but the realms are connected through the auction house meaning that it might be possible to move the tradeable items… might be? But that still leaves the character and account bound items that are obviously there to stay.

So if you might want to start on another realm then you might lose most of your progress including costumes and anything else since some of the costumes are not tradeable.

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also the limit is for players, it won’t limit your characters. You can always create new one once you are logged on the specific server. As server is concerned you can alwsys play only one at the time. That’s what matters.

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aH Ok I though if a server was populated with new characters, it closes and you have to create the nexts in other new ones. It seems is only a queue issue then.

Got it guys, then it just has to be a careful selection before start cause materials etc.

Thx all


Uhm coming back cause I asked before the same in Steam, and roxx said:

Currently server transfers are not available, and neither is cross-server play. Because of this, they are completely separate

I hope its a mistake…