Question about stacking Relic Sets effects

Now that Vykas release is set in stone, i guess no one will need to theorycraft much anymore about mixing a bunch of settings and instead just plan to go full 6 pieces in 6~7 Weeks. That being said i have some doubts about how the effects stacks up going from 2, to 4 pieces and to 6 pieces.

The sets i’m most interest about as a Zerker Technique are Dominion set and Nightmare Flower set:

I’ll copy paste what their effects here are

  • Dominant (Dominion)
    • Notes: Can be used by Berserker technique zerk, Battlemaster. Supports used to use this
    • 2 pieces: Awakening damage decreased 50% but can be used 1 additional time with the cooldown being reduced by 20%. Gain “Inner Awakening” buff for 2 minutes upon using an awakening. “Inner Awakening” buff reduces cooldown on all skills (excluding awakening and dodge) by 18% and increases skill damage by 10%
    • 4 pieces: Awakening skills can be used 1 additional time (total 2). “Inner Awakening” buff is enhanced to 18% cooldown reduction with a 25% increase to skill damage.
    • 6 pieces: Awakening skills can be used 1 additional time (total 3). Dodge cooldown reduced by 30% and increased damage of 15% done to all enemies for 2 minutes.


  • Nightmare
    • Notes: MP consuming classes can use including Glaivier pinnacle
    • 2 pieces: Reduces mana usage by 50%. Skills that consume mana will have 12% increased damage.
    • 4 pieces: When a class with mana uses an Awakening, “Mana Poison” effect is gained. “Mana Poison” effect grants an additional 15% damage at the cost of consuming 7% more mana. When mana reaches below 30% while the “Mana Poison” effect is active, “Mana Poison” will turn into “Endless Mana”. “Endless Mana” effect will recover mana 3% every second, Decrease skill cooldowns by 20% , and increase movement and attack speed by 12%.
    • 6 pieces: “Mana Poison” deals an additional 15% damage. “Endless Mana” effect’s cooldown reduction is increased by an additional 15% and movement and attack speed an additional 3%.

I’ve been said those effects “stack” but it is a loose term and i have a few doubts. Assuming 6 piece, the Dominion would give me 18%+18%= 36% CDR when the buff is active? with a +30% on space bar, and 10%+25%+ 15%= 50% damage increase? The line says " “Inner Awakening” buff is enhanced" so maybe the second effect just overwrites the first becoming all around +18% CDR and + 40% damage?

For the Nightmare Flower the 6 piece would give me 12% DMG flat, + 30% when Mana Poison is active and when Endless mana is active i still have +12%flat and + 35% CDR + 15% atk and move speed?

Please only answer if you are certain about what youre saying or can test in other versions of the game, right now i have heard too many info and nothing is clear enough. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: since i didnt get an answer here, i went out to find it myself asking multiple KR streamers to explain it and i finally got the info verified for the Dominion set at least. 2 piece dmg bonus is additive so + 10%, all the rest is multiplicative so at 6 piece you get around 51% outgoing dmg increase total. CDR is also 18% excluding awakening and spacebar at 4 piece, but 30% everything but awakening at 6 piece. Hope this helps someone out there.


They stack but the question is will you be able to get your mana that low on Zerker for Nightmare?

I don’t have a Zerker so not sure.

with the Mayhem high swiftness it is definitely possible. If BT also has room to keep using skills one after the other nonstop it also can deplete the mana, i managed to do it at trixion

You lose like 7% max mp per skill when you get the buff, this is very high so no doubt you get it down.

Thanks for sharing, man. I also had those same doubts about the dominion set.