Question about the 1302 powerpass

so as far as i know the pass will no longer be avialable when the next advanced class(not arcanist the one following it) - is it still possible to use the class e.g. on a lvl 0 assasine (where i did not decide the advanced class yet) and wait until reaper is released and still getting the benefit of the pass / being able to select reaper as advanced class ?

bump - btw if someone who is not a cm knows the awnser feel free to inform me :slight_smile:

Hello @Xologamer, hope you’re doing great!

Thank you for the information provided regarding your question.

To help you further and give you the right answer could you please tell me if you have the feiton or vern powerpass?

I’ll be aware of your answer, have a great day! :dagger: :man_mage: mage

i had both of them but i already used them
but that shouldnt matter for my question ?
so what i wanna know is :
-if i create a new character e.g. assasine
-log out before chosing the advanced class
-use the powerpass coming next patch for 1302
-log back out
-wait until reaper is releaser
can i still choose reaper for that character and keep the powerpass boost ?

Hello @Xologamer,

Thank you for providing further details to your inquiry. Although the idea you pose may be useful in case you want to wait on a specific class, unfortunately, power passes may come with expiration dates that may happen well before the class release and we have no specific details to offer you as to what these may be ahead of release. Once the power pass information is released in full, you my further check on the possibility of what you are trying to do.

Hope this helps and see you in Arkesia! :wolf:

so what happens when the power pass expires but i did start the quest on one character but not complete it will the quest be canceld ?

Hello @Xologamer,

Thank you for your question. If a power pass expires then it would be gone and turned unusable. If the quests to validate the power pass are not completed, sadly that would still befall as an expiry and that character may be returned to the standard story line with regular leveling required.

As an alternative to achieve what you want, you may want to try knowledge transfer or, hopefully but with no guarantees attached, there may be other power passes released closer or along with the class you are waiting on.

See you in Arkesia! :wolf: