Question about the flying nimbus mount

Hi everyone !

I’m farming Shangra to get the mount but i’ve seen many people talking about a quest they received after the event ( green quest ) that requires to break the stone with the monkey inside…

It appears that after this event, you are able to talk with the monkey and get the quest : “Looking for the flying nimbus”.

I’ve done this event many times, and even all the quest in Shangra are done, but i’ve never been able to interact with the monkey.

Did someone got the same issue, or maybe do you know if there is something special to do before ?

Thanks for your help

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I did this coop quest and got no follow up quest either. How many dews have you gotten already?

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I have about 400+

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in how many days? I got 120 going there twice

I have this quest and it requires you to get a Luminous Silverdew which I see is sold by the shop for 7000 Flower Dews which does not make sense since the mount cost 7500. The quest would then just reduce the cost of the mount by 500 which seems pretty dumb if you’re already getting 7000. Is there another way to get a Luminous Silverdew other than the shop in Shangra?

i really feel like the amounts are bugged because in no realm of possibility could you farm 7k dews anywhere short of 47 days or 70k peaches and thats going every single day. going the peach route thats exchaning the max of 20 peaches per day and at 70k peaches that 3.5k days (9.5 YEARS). maybe #bugs-and-localization-feedback could take a look and confirm or deny whether its correct @Pneuma

Shangra spawns 6 times a day. You can farm the dews with the song you get from the island from the quest. You can use the song to farm the flowers to get dew while collecting peaches. And also exchange peaches for every entry. I farm up up anywhere from 120-200+dews per run. Had taken about 1.5 weeks farming. Also f2p so i did my dailies between the spawn times and still managed to gear up

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then it must be bugged because it only allows 20 peaches per DAY even if i go every 2 hours

Idk what you mean 20 peaches. But yea there’s quest there that gives peaches as reward. Those can only be done once a day. After that you farm peaches that spawn. Big peach drops 50 and you can prob farm over 200 peaches the whole 35min the island is open to exchange for 20 dews. Or just farm the flowers

I have done this green event. First time white monkey showed up, the second time black monkey showed up. The black monkey gave me the quest. I think you just need to get lucky to get the black monkey and the quest.

Hello i’ve received the quest but can’t seem to find the silvedew, unless on the npc which not makes really seen. saving 500 dews only with the quest. and still waste time wandering around, any updates knowledge about this?

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according to this site maybe the price set wrong ??


There s nothing wrong with the price, its 7000, just click on “sold by npc” and you’ll see it. what u see from your picture is just the buy/sell price from npc, nothing related with the trading cost :c .

Nothing wrong with the price. This is one of the mechanics of grinding and just spending a metric crazy amount of time doing one thing to get a cool mount that many people will not want to sit down and do. Many things in this game that we don’t have access to are grind over a period of time and unless you can fit it in multiple times a day you will not be able to complete it quickly. It rewards you for putting the time in.

That’s nice and all but it’s tradable.
For NA Lost Ark (don’t kno about KR).

So ppl are going to sell that for 200k gold which ppl with buy with Royal Crystals.

ihave gotten the monkeys quest but for some reason it will not allow me to choose the option that requires 150 corage though i have 157 courage. is this bugged?

the quest is called “looking for the flying nimbus” and i am stuck on talking to granny Samhu. i have the courage but it appears red and i cant click it. why is this?

You got kindness 150 too ? cuz it need both if i remember it

i just found a video where the monkey that spawns must be black and the chances are slim…it is often white…only black gives cloud quest