Question about the last login day of the login event

It says ends 6/16 before schedule maintenance does that mean I can get a login reward for the day of 6/16 after let’s say midnight my time. Or is the last login reward day 6/15 and you can claim that up until the 6/16 maintenance?

i also would like to know this

It should also state a time, which so far has always been 1 minute before daily reset.

They will prolly extent it since vykas not cming up the 16th so u prolly will have 1 more week

At least on NAW you wont be able to. Our dailies reset during/after maintenence. I had assumed this for a bit but tested it last night logging fully out and back in at 1259…ill be off by one day, and its why i tested it to see if it was worth pushing off bedtime tonight

Even if they extend it, the login rewards change, new ones will be added for the following week.

I strongly suggest you to claim whatever you didn’t before the maintenance hits.

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Apparently not according to the post an hour ago we can keep claiming the old stuff plus 5 more days of stuff. I got lucky I guess.