Question about the leg engraving rng boxes

I am curious about the leg class engs boxes from the golden frog…
If I am starting to save for artist release as it seems it may arrive within the next two months, will it be possible for me to purchase these engraving boxes. Wait until artist release then get a change to get the artist class book? Just looking at ways I could save money in the future lol.
Any info would be appreicated :^)

Isn’t the point of the frog to keep inflation in check? So any legendary class book you’d get in it now should cover whatever you might get from a Ayayaya book? assuming the inflationfrog does it’s job

Well u could try if u want. But i gues no one know.

I for exampel 12k 6 Books what i got was 200g value back. :sweat_smile:

I bought 6 books, got cursed doll, grudge and blessed aura. The others went for between 1k-500.
netted 12k and wasted it all on pheons and tripods.

i mean im not talking about making profit, I just want to see if there was a situation in KR or if roxx maybe can confirm whether the the boxes will be updated as characters are released if we hold them.

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