Question about the mobile authenticator

ok, so i do have a question
ever since the lost ark asked us to create mobile authenticator in steam otherwise, we’d get restrictions in cash shop, i tried to change from email authenticator to mobile authenticator in steam
i had a problem going through that and had steam support to help me (realized authenticator message number is in my phone’s blocklist)
after i finally managed to change to mobile authenticator, i restarted the computer, relogged in steam using mobile authenticator, and purchased skin and found out it is restricted for 3 days.
so, even after going through a trouble to changing from email to mobile authenticator, i am still being restricted.
is there something i needed to do? like an easter egg?

All skins from the store are locked for 3 days before you can trade/sell them at the in-game market. It has nothing to do with the mobile authenticator and was in the patch notes.



so then, if you dont mind me asking this, what was exactly being restricted if i didn’t change from email to mobile?

If I remember correctly, without trusted status you won’t be able to trade with other players, send gifts, mails and exchange currency in the store.

ok ic. i can do that. ty for the answers.

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