Question about the Power Pass

Power passes don’t work on different servers regardless of region at the moment :frowning:

So why should anyone move to a differnt server? When you lose these. This makes no sense to me.

Maybe it is only working if you have a level 50 charater on the server you want to use it?

Perhaps you got friends there in different servers cause they keep getting “full”

well that’s a bummer, i was hoping i was alone, because i reedemed my power pass after reading message from roxx that said they are region-wide, so i wanted to move to new server with friends, but this pass is server bound, WTH man, scammed :frowning:

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Same !

Just posted this elsewhere, but it’s worth resharing here

The statement I shared about power pass being server-wide came directly from SGR, so I will have to circle back to determine if there is a bug occurring or another issue. Appreciate the reports


Please let us know, Roxx. We appreciate you!

Yeah please let us know, would be great to use it on other Servers (on same region) then I can join my Friends guild :slight_smile:

Roxx, how about you get the ones that did as you wished and rerolled from highpop server to a lowpop one a new set of powerpasses?

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supporting this because i want to use my powerpass on a lower pop server like many. I dont even care that free transfers should/could be done to relieve overcrowded servers and that I should be able to keep my 2 powerpasses that i have not used. Really looking forward for cross server powerpass to join my friends. Im done with 15-20k queues.

Any word on this yet?

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Also interested about this, waiting to see Roxx’s reply. Hopeful bump

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Still waiting…I know the servers are a bigger issue but we’d like clarification at least (hopefully a fix).

Bumping @Roxx

Problem is I used mine before the servers were locked. I don’t see how it’s hard to just let people get one more set on a new server. Just make it two per server or 4 per account but not more than two per server. I’m missing out on progression every day that I can’t do chaos dungeons and raids on alts. I’d still be on my original server if y’all didn’t lock my friends out.

You can still sell the mats on your alt and buy them on your main. Then your alt would get gold from man but you can put a random item for sale with your main and buy it with your alt so the gold goes back to your main. Auction House is region wide. There are many people that have alts on diffirent servers by choise.

This is good information.

Just fyi guys I can confirm that if you level to 50 on another server you will get your power passes on the new server (I did not use mine on the old server, not sure if this matters or not).

Good to know. Did you level the new charakter in the same region or an other?

i levelled up on neria to 50, got one powerpass that is bound to neria, then i started playing on nineveh to play with friends that started playing on friday, cause neria got locked, hit 50 and got second powerpass, used it to get alt on nineveh to 50, no second powerpass on nineveh, roxx heeelp :frowning: