Question about the server swapping tech

So about the server swapping tech roxx talked about on stoopz’s stream, the problem isnt the server swapping, in fact, it’s pointless to make server swapping when everything is region wide they should look into the tech for region swapping (ex: if someone wants to swap regions from let’s say NAE to EUC or vice versa) they can do so for crystals just like league of legends with RP.

the game will be buried before that, they have been 1 month without giving a solution to something essential like conection stability

im just saying if they’re looking into server swapping tech they should look into the region swapping tech as server swapping is literally pointless in this game, and i agree with u i lost hope for this game after they didnt give any importance to pvp so im just playing and having my fun until the riot MMO since it’s the last straw

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