Question about the upcoming event

First, thank you for the message today, it is appreciated. Wish there would be more communication like that going forward.

Next, this new event we’re getting, this ‘Guardian Raid’. It sounds very similar to want RU/KR has, which is called ‘Heroic Raids’ over there. Divium Furor actually covers it here.

These Heroic Raids are an integral part of vertical progression for characters on the RU/KR side, so while I very much appreciate that we are getting something incredibly similar to it here, we’re only getting it for a ‘month’ as an ‘event’ according to the most recent announcement.

Now while they sound exactly the same, there is one rather huge difference. We will be able to do the event once a day per roster, whereas it seems on the RU/KR side, while it is standard and something else for them to do for materials, they’re only able to do it once a week.

So, we are very clearly receiving a version that is, more than likely, meant to inject players with a large amount of honing materials to accelerate their progression, which is fantastic, since we’re on an accelerated schedule anyways. However, after this event, and this is my main question:

Will the ‘Guardian Raids’ remain in game after the event period and shift from daily rewards to weekly rewards, like how it is in KR/RU, or will the ‘Guardian Raids’ be completely removed from our version of the game?

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Since they are saying limited event and that it is a chill and laidback experience, it aint that.

Yeah im pretty sure this is a unique event that will only be available for a limited time. More of a bandaid than a real fix for honing problems.

Of course it is unique. We’re getting rewards once a day, not once a week.

My main question is whether or not the Guardian Raids will remain in the game and instead of being daily rewards, they make the rewards be on a weekly rotation and introduce it into the game permanently, similar to how it is for KO/RU?

Our version is still missing three avenues the other versions have to gather honing materials:

  • PvP (Which we are getting soon)

  • Heroic Guardians (Which I’ve already covered the similarities here)

  • Abyssal Trials

All I want to know is that after this event, if we’ll get the RU/KO version of the Heroic Guardians being available to do weekly?

Is this something you can address @Roxx ?