Question About tickets


I couldn’t find anything about this so I decided to create a topic about it.

How long does it take for a ticket to be answered ?

reason is, my friend got banned last week for ‘‘cheating’’ for 3 days and he has never done such thing nor is he using bot or anything. He opened a ticket. waited the 3 days to get unban and 1 week and a half later, his ticket is still pending. He was really sad about not being able to play during the last weekend but when he got back into the game, all his gold was gone. That is not enough to make him quit because he really likes the game.

I just hope there isn’t alot of people in the same situation that he is because not getting any come back after being wrongly banned is really bad.

Thank you

Not sure how long it takes to get a ticket responded, but judging by what your friend experienced/described, he most likely bought gold off some site and got banned and then thr gold got wiped.

That would be a good reason to wipe his gold, but he didn’t buy anything.
Also ingame message he got when he tried to log in was ‘‘cheat’’.
Anyway, the point was more about the average wait time for a ticket to be worked on.
Waiting over a week for an answer is really long, as someone who is playing everyday it would be pretty depressing to wait that long and it could also lead some people to just quit the game.