Question about transferts

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I joined the game with founder pack and created a char on Trixion with friends and guild. Now that the game is f2p other friends wanted to join but we couldnt create character this night.

This afternoon I heard about that transfert didnt even exist on others version of Lost Ark ( RU/KR) so my question is, can we wait for transfert to be available in a close future or more like few months ?

Because I would like to keep my char that I created with my friend on an other server, but if I cant transfert in a close future I would prefer to create a new one and delete the other lvl 20 char

They have asked the developers about implementing server transfers but there are no promises. They want to make it happen in best case scenario but it could take a very long time or not happen at all.

In the near future you can redeem your founder’s pack a second time on your new character on the new server. Don’t delete your original character.

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At the moment, we don’t have information about character server transfer in the near future. If that changes or We get any new updates about this I’ll make sure to let you know!

In the meantime, as @Yule mentioned, you can redeem your founder’s pack with a new character in a different server:

We will be granting ALL Founder’s Pack purchasers that redeem their pack by 12 PM PT (8 PM UTC) on Monday, February 14th with an extra set of the exclusive items from the Founder’s Pack they redeemed.

We are currently working to get these item grants ready to go, and will update players when they are ready to claim — these will be claimable on any new server you choose, so in the meantime we encourage you to find a perfect server to call home.

You can read the full article here: Lost Ark Team Update: Founder's Packs & Server Status

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Firus, some of us don’t want to redeem our packs yet till we know we can get ALL our friends on ONE server… which is kind of hard to do if you guys keep locking servers.

I don’t think I seen the option yet on my account to redeem another Founders Pack, by the way. Just the Crystalline Aura for 3 days.

Hi @Rysia!

I understand the situation and I know it can be annoying.
We will be carefully lifting character creation limits on servers to allow new players to join servers that they may not have been able to previously. However, we are closely monitoring server populations and queue times, so these character creation limits may return as queues begin to grow. Please be aware that the list of servers with account limits may change frequently, and that you will have to relaunch your client in order to access a server with a newly lifted cap.
You can read the original post here: An Additional Update to Character Creation Limits

About yor founder pack is understandable that you want to be sure you are in the perfect server to play along your friends before claim it. At the moment while you choose the server with your friends, you can keep the founder’s pack in the rooster inventory and redeem it when you create your character. :grin:

About the extra set of exclusive items from the Founder’s pack:

I really appreciate your collaboration and patience.

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I am fairly new to Lost Ark… so how do I save my 2nd Founders Pack to my Rooster Inventory till I know which server we will officially be on?

the other minor issue we ran into, I guess since I created Faithful Legacy on one server, we are unable to recreate it on another server. We have use the name Faithful Legacy for several games now. EverQuest (yea, some of us are THAT old), Runes, Lord of the Rings, World of Warcraft… We are all attach to the name to be honest. As our motto goes, “Once a Faithful Legacy, Always a Faithful Legacy” Will there be a way to use our name later when we know which server is our official home? Right now, we have 5 of us on Rohendel (hope I spell that right). Two on Mari Server. Couple that wanted to try the game to see what it about, scatter among the other, but really want to be all on one server. Cross Server mean nothing to us if we can’t be together.

@Rysia You have to use your founders pack before Feb 14, then the second founders pack will be redeemable in the future on any server you choose. The link to the official article was already posted in the thread so you should see that announcement…

As for the guild name, you could try using an accent like Faithfül Legacy

@Yule - on the second Founders Pack… how do I save it without actually using it, till I know which server is actually our Home Server if it not been decided till sometime after 14th?

@Rysia If you don’t use your founders pack before Feb 14, you won’t be entitled to a second pack afterwards. I don’t understand your question otherwise… You will get a second pack after the devs enable it and it will be in your rewards window where you got your pack, redeemable on any server.

okay, I have use my first original one. If I understand you correctly, the second Founders Pack for moving to a different server has NOT been released yet. Am I correct?

yes, it will be available after Feb 14