Question: Can you transfer Valtan/Vykas +18 (or lower) Gear into a Brelshaza Gear?

As the title says.
I couldn’t find much information, but I know a +19 is possible, just not sure about +18 or lower.

This is because I have a brelshaza chestpiece at +13, but yesterday I was dumb and I crafted a Valtan/Vykas chestpiece for some reason and got a 94 quality xD.
So now I want to keep the 94 quality, but I cant transfer a 1340 gear into my current Brelshaza +13.

What I was planning on doing is wait another week, craft a new brelshaza chestpiece (fresh), transfer Valtan/Vykas piece into that one, keep the quality, and then transfer from a 1390 fresh brel piece to my +13.

If anyone has any info regarding it’d be really helpful!

This would work 100%.

Now, I can’t tell if you can actually transfer your +13 Brel gear into a Valtan piece of gear. That sounds wierd. It’s actually easy to figure out, just click the “gear transfer” tab and select your Valtan chest piece. If your Brel +13 piece appears on the right you can transfer it, and you can see the results before clicking as well. But my little finger tells me that it will not work.

The quoted part should work however and you won’t even loose the horns since you’ll get the piece back that you can dismantle when you’ll transfer.

So basically you get a 2nd brel Chest piece, transfer your Valtan 94 quality on it (might have to hone it once for that) so you get a new Brel gear with 94 quality, and then you can transfer your +13 chestpiece on that one to transfer the quality.

Thanks for answering.
But I’ve already tried that option and it does not.
The only way would be crafting a new Brelshaza piece (1390) then transfer the valtan piece into that one and then do gear transfer from Brel piece (1390) to Brel piece +13 (1520)

not sure about the 2nd part, but you can definitely transfer +18 or lower to brel, it’s a even bigger ilvl increase! I’m just not sure which would transfer to which, and couldn’t test myself since i was pushing to 1520, couldn’t have a +18…

yeah I think that’s your best bet. You wouldn’t loose anything on top of that since you can dismantle the old Brel piece then and get your 40 horns back. You’ll still have to collect 40 horns first tho.

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