Question for AGS about the limitations on gold

So as I predicted back when the first 3 day limitation was added to patch notes, RMT is back pretty much at the same place it was. Are we now willing to admit that hey, limiting players more just drives them to RMT where they can use their damn gold immediately? Or are we going to continue to play dumb and limit the player more and more until all gold is subject to X day holds? @Roxx


At some point, when you limit individuals to your own monopoly, but at the same time make your monopolized offering much MUCH worse than a possible competitor…

You can’t really sit back and scratch your head as to why said individuals are throwing a middle finger at you and waving while sitting on’s front lawn having a mai tai.


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Source or assumptions?

source: Login

I login every day. I don’t see any proof that RMT is more prominent now that they created a 3 day hold on gold.

I am not agreeing or disagreeing, but if we are going to make statements based on opinion and demand the CMs respond and agree that it was a mistake then I would like to be certain that its fact.

Bruh login and check AH recent sales. There is your source. It is close to what it was before.

Oh. I dont expect anything from Ags.

But yes. We can call it an assumption.

When marijuana started to become legalized around the US I was amazed at how accurate the “black market” was on their pricing in the before times…

Or, the legal market adopted the black market pricing because in order to gain those customers they needed a reason OTHER than “it’s illegal”.

Why? Because legality alone will not drive people to “do the right thing” and buy from the depensaries.

Ill assume that the marijunaa industry assumed the same thing Im assuming here:

Make a monopolized offering too much worse than a competitor… watch a monopoly fall.

The 3-day holds were put in place to crack down on real-world fraudulent activity by gold sellers. It is working extremely well. If more players are deciding to RMT because of this (which I have not seen any indicator of), they have made a choice that will lead to them being banned. They are feeding into the gold selling ecosystem, encouraging botters and fraud. RMT is still against the rules, and always has been, regardless of other new restrictions put in place to wound those who are running it.



Ok now explain to me which is a more prominent issue, the fact that players are heavily incentivized to RMT by the current systems and the way the AH works, or the very minor fraud problem that can be solved by reversing transactions prior to the ban that already takes place. This is the extremely lazy route that just pisses legitimate players off. Literally just yesterday I couldn’t buy a BIS accessory that shows up once biweekly at the standard price, and went to buy gold and remembered I can’t, because the item is gone by the time I can use the gold.

I get it, it isn’t your fault, you don’t make these decisions. That being said, I cannot blame anyone for RMTing. I’m still not going to do it, but I cannot blame them for doing it in the current state of the game. Like you do realize you now have to keep these restrictions permanently, and continue to extend them until all gold sources are locked? What happens when 1415 powerpass comes out? Are Vykas and Valtan gonna be 3 day locked as well? This is absolutely ridiculous.

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You can’t blame anyone for RMTing?
RMTers is why we have bots running around and ruining the game like that

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Once all the players are removed, the botting problem will be solved.


How can you blame them, what other choice do they have if they want to spend money? Everything is locked in RC shop. If someone wants something now, they have to wait 3 days. Because for some unknown reason, cards that are used frequently for purchases aren’t given trusted status??? This would also just solve the damn problem, but they won’t do it, because that requires effort. I absolutely will never blame someone for getting what they want through a third party if the provider has absurd conditions.

If they get banned, they get banned, I won’t be defending them when they get banned, they take the risk, that is on them, I just don’t blame them for taking the risk at this point.


Exactly and rather than solving the botter/rmt issue at hand…they are pushing people to RMT more. With this mari shop restriction and banning all players who have illegal traces of gold, it pushes more people who have money to RMT more.

AGS has started to perma ban everyone if people get sent a large amount of gold no matter if its legal or not. Even if it was false ban, no one gets unban or it takes large amount of headache to get unban.

So people who has a lot of money that was actually banned for RMT…what are they going to do? Make a new account, find a different way to get gold, buy it in large chunks again. It is cheaper to do so and quicker. They’ll get to 1500+ , play for a few weeks, get banned, and do it again…because the option is still there.

Solve the ROOT CAUSE instead of easiest solution you have.

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they did solve it, rmt is dead, no one is daring touching rmt chargeback gold so its not pushing for more but way less

they only ban people who got rmt chargeback gold, not ‘legal’, they trace the source of the gold

yeah they make new account and rmt and get banned again then quit

gotta love how RMTers are riding the train of the frustration of players

an argument can be made that it is not working extremely well as 100% of the legit player base is negatively affected by this. player experience isn’t a factor? just chargebacks?


So what with all these 3 days hold and the sheer quantity of bots that are seemingly unstoppable at this point in time, what is the point in EAC? Shouldn’t EAC be doing SOMETHING about the botting issue itself?
6 months in and EAC doing nothing but creating people problems with connecting etc is it not worth re-evaluating it and putting it out to pasture?


You really think so? RMT’ing is still happening. They are figuring out other ways to get gold to people who buy it.

“they trace the source of the gold” - what is AGS going to do when botters/farmers start just buying random items on the AH from random people. Gold is nothing to them, they just get a lot of random people falsely banned. Or they send random gold to random people, for busses or other things like that. What are you going to do then?

RMT’ing is only going to die if they solve the root issue of botters in the first place.

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Bots are inevitable. Permanent ban all buyers is the only effective way to stop RMT.

Even those with a history of Royal Crystal purchases and those who already served a 3 day suspension. Not just the “bad apples” who never have purchased Royals, but some of the most profitable customers too.

Make an example or nothing will change.

They were proudly promoting concurrent players numbers when 80% of them were bots and they won’t permaban RMTers because “potential customers”

I doubt they even want bots and RMTers gone forever since it would mean less than 100k concurrent players maximum during peak time.

They probably just want to build a portfolio which says they’ve published 800k playerbase game so they can go ahead and claim publishing rights to other successful upcoming games in the future or to deceive investors to invest in them.

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