Question for CMs: Will we get another powerpass for destroyer?

Question that came to mind when talking with some friends. Theres some people thinking of saving their feiton power passes for Destroyer. Could any of the CMs either confirm or find out if we`ll be getting another one or not so people can plan/use the pass we got with lance master?

Personally i think every new class should have a power pass with it. Id expect destroyer to have a 960 feiton one.


So what I did was make a Warrior and immediately use the powerpass on it, just log out at Trixion at lvl 1 and not pick an advanced class yet. If they release another power pass I’ll just make a 4th Berserker as well. If they don’t release a powerpass for it I’ll still have the Feiton one ready to go.


That’s pretty smart, I’m going to do that just in case