Question for F2P

Just curious what ilvl some of you guys are sitting at that are F2P and what class do you main

( Purely F2P, no ark pass, founder packages, donated / gifted / brought gold )

I just buy crystal aura each month

1400 1370 1370 1370 1370 1360 (last will be 70 under 72 hours)
Gaming time : about 600 hours
I wasted time at release because i didnt create my alts early, and i didnt know the game at all.

I could have been 1415 main + 5x 1340 but I prefer to get a full set of 1370’s alt to farm sup leapstone and argos (and i dont want to spend too much time on valtan with people who dont know mechs at release, knowing that you dont have gold on abyss hm when you get 1415)

Next step in a month : 1415 + 1385x5


admittedly i have bronze founder. but i wasted quite a bit of gold on skins so i’d say it evens out.
Don’t have ark pass, don’t get gold from friends. 995 hours played

1400 (1415 next week, been hoarding leaps)

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I think that what you did is much better, especially long term. Worth mentioning that these alts can get to 85 in no time for p2

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I only bought 2 character slot extensions, whether you still consider that as f2p is up to you. My roster is: 1445 1377 1348 1345 1340 1310 1310 960. Never paid for anything else

Thats no longer real f2p and gives a nice bost as you get more mats with more characters. (nice roaster though :slight_smile:

I haven´t spent a single € till now. Started 4 weeks after release.
Main scrapper 1410, alts 1355, 1315, 1060, 400 and one free spot once summoner arrives… playtime about 1,5 -2 h per day.

I did not buy anything, ever. 679 hours since the dawn of EUW.

I have 2 chars. My main is a Paladin 1377 and my alt which I simply made to take advantage of the Express mission is a Glaivier at 600. I do have mats to push further, at least 1385 with little effort, but I just dont feel like as it makes no difference as how I’m enjoying the game.

Thats it.